Sumos and Sushi

Seeing 300lb men in thongs is not something the average person wants to see but when in Japan, it’s a must do. We were lucky enough to find a sumo stable to watch professional sumo wrestlers have their morning practice session before having one their 10,000 calorie lunch ( they consume 20,000 per day- that’s 10x a normal person).

There were sumo wrestlers inside, where they would stretch and take turns trying to push each other outside of the ring on the ground made out of sand. Outside, others cooled down after their turns, warmed up for the next turn and mended their aching parts with ice and bandages.

Mark told me to go and ask to take a picture with them. Sure- send the measly girl to the huge wrestler- that’s not intimidating… So I worked up the courage and asked, but he gave a shake of the head no and I wasn’t about to try and argue with him.

After the sumo stable we went to the Tsujki Fish Market and had some fresh sushi. It definitley was the best I had ever had and there is a noticable difference between the fish here and what you can get back home.

We ordered sampler type plates, with a little bit of many things, not really looking at what was on or in each one. More of a “just try it and don’t think about it” approach. So I grabbed one and plopped it in my mouth- it was the weirdest texture I had ever experienced; it was like a moist, soft, jello  that just gushed around. The nausea came quick and I just gulped it down and prayed it wouldn’t come back up (it didn’t). Turns out it was sea urchin. I do not recommend. The rest of the sushi/sashimi was fine, with textures ranging from “melt in your mouth” fish ( it really does melt- it’s weird) to very chewy.  An authentic experience that was adventurous, delicious and very filling.

2 thoughts on “Sumos and Sushi

  1. Tsukiji has those carts that they drive around on that look like an upright barrel with wheels attached. We never made it there early enough to see the action, we were too tired.


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