Sayonara, Land of the Rising Sun

Though we have now left Japan, there’s a few final notes of things we noticed while there that we thought was worth mentioning.

  • They have bird sounds tweeting in all the train and subway stops
  • They are a cash based society and very few places take credit card ( Surprising right?)
  • Almost all advertising and messaging is cartoon based
  • Everything is very organized, except for biking. No rules apply!
  • You can get anything you want from a vending machine.
  • They will follow you out of the store still thanking you (even a convenience store) and bowing.
  • There is so much bowing. Hello, welcome, thank you, excuse me, sorry, is all said with a bow.
  • They won’t tell you if you’re doing something wrong and are very shy/hesitant to initially bring up a conversation.
  • Japan is so clean. There are mass amounts of workers with brooms and even dust busters going around the streets in their fancy uniforms and hard hats. You can even see random people trimming public gardens and pulling weeds out of the sidewalks.
  • It’s a very easy place to travel. There’s good English signage, public bathrooms are everywhere ( again- nice and clean), transit is always on time and you always feel safe.
  • When you enter your PIN into a payment machine, they dramatically bow and shun the unit.

Overall, I think Japan is going to be very different from the other places coming up on our journey. We’ve already noticed a huge difference just coming to Singapore, and I’m sure by the time we get to Bangkok it will be the polar opposite. We really enjoyed Japan and were very impressed with the Japanese society as a whole.

2 thoughts on “Sayonara, Land of the Rising Sun

  1. Thanks Mark and Elana for all your posts of Japan. It was a great cultural and history lesson. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the work and information that you put into it. God bless


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