Merry Christmas!


A very Merry Christmas from us here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. On Christmas Eve we went out and found ourselves a small Christmas tree at a stationary shop, got some wrapping paper and did some very last minute Christmas shopping so that we each had a gift to open Christmas morning. We had dinner with a friend from our Myanmar volunteering and then came back to our condo to decorate.

Today (Christmas) we had a huge English breakfast and then Alayna set to baking a pie in our “kitchen” which consists of 2 spoons, 2 forks, 2 teacups, 2 cereal bowls, 2 plates and a microwave. With a little ingenuity, a handmade pie crust was made by rolling the dough with the teacup, and baked in the microwave. Voila a cherry cheesecake pie was made and consumed with merry cheer. Our plans for the rest of the day are to relax, go swimming in our pool and go to the movies later. We wish you all an amazing Christmas and wish we could celebrate with you. We are there in spirit (and occasionally video calls) and are thinking of you this holiday season.


7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Hey you two, Have a wonderful Christmas in Chiang Mai! I’m enjoying following all your adventures! We miss you at crossfitgt but if you feel up to it Crossfit Chiang Mai is a great box to join a class. They are very friendly there!!
    Cheers from Gtown


    1. Hey Gail! Merry Christmas to you too. Hope all is well and thanks for reading. Thanks for the info..we haven’t been able to do Crossfit as most of the 1 day classes are really expensive compared to other exercise. We are thinking of a Mauy Thai class – more appropriate for the setting. We’ve definitely lost a lot of muscle 😦


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