Free as a Bird

Ah the sea breeze.. driving the Great Ocean Road, stopping wherever our heart’s desire. Our heart’s desire Lamington- an Australian, chocolate coconut cake. We stop at a bakery along the coast and order our dessert to eat on the boardwalk.

We sit down and soon a wild cockatoo comes up on the chair near us.


Well, this is pretty cool.  We think, and pay no attention to him as we eat our Lamington. Soon another cockatoo joins us, and they stare at us heads bobbing back and forth. Soon, there are three, four, five cockatoos! We start to get suspicious. Why are there so many cockatoos? They look at us with their beady, little eyes; ready to strike. It’s not just Australian humans that like Lamington, cockatoos apparently do too. One brave bird makes it’s strike, going for the Lamington.

Soon the others follow, and Alayna is covered in white birds stealing her tasty treat. They caw happily, coconut dropping out of their mouths and soon more cockatoos join.

Lamington depleted we head back to the car to continue our drive, looking back at the now 12 birds that are ready to attack the next unsuspecting bakery customer.

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