Taking care of business..


A sprinkling on the parade

Sure, traveling is great, even life-changing. You’ve seen all the photos on Instagram and the like. What’s less appealing, however, are the months of logistics and planning that go into an endeavor like this. For the naysayers and the jealous, this will bring you some joy:

  • Changing phone numbers
  • Updating addresses
  • Vaccinations (giddy up, guinea pig)
  • Unlocking phones
  • Reorganizing investments
  • Resigning from your job (this isn’t hard – not getting paid is the tricky part)
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Travel insurance (almost 30 years of treating your body as a temple will not be reflected in your premium)
  • Moving all your junk (you have more than you think)
  • Get local currencies & USD
  • Get travel backpacks & laptops
  • Get international driver’s licenses
  • Pack all your belongings in an organized manner and at a weight of no greater than 20kg
  • Get entrance VISAs
  • Get passport photos taken, copied, and cut to size
  • Book flights
  • Figure out where to go and the most cost effective route
  • Record all the details and pertinent information so you don’t forget everything
  • Figure out how to budget and estimate total cost
  • Try to figure out Japan’s train system
  • Give up trying to figure out Japan’s train system
  • Spend miserable hours inputting costs into a macro-enabled spreadsheet that causes you a fiery hatred towards data entry
  • Remain cheery; be confident; yes, your love for noodles will make this worthwhile

There’s significantly more than that but you get the concept..

The silver lining: going away also forced us to make a real effort to see the important people in our lives and do some our favourite things!





More to come..

Moving on Out!

Typical Millennials… selling their stuff and moving back in with their parents (temporarily)

We are officially nomads! Our keys to our house have been handed back over to the landlord and all of our stuff sold, given away or stored away at various family member’s homes (mostly Mom and Dad’s- thanks again!). We are currently referring to ourselves as ‘free’ rather than ‘homeless’.

My nephew Landon asked me today where we were going to live when we came back. ” I have no idea,” I said, “we’ll probably end up living in a bunch of places at the start.”

“Huh. That’s weird.”

Yep. Although again, “unconventional” is the term we’re going to go with…


Our Route

Typical Millennials…quitting their jobs and travelling the world…

Our travel route is not set in stone, but our general plan is as follows:

Toronto to Tokyo, Japan
Japan to Singapore
Singapore to Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand to Mandalay, Myanmar
Myanmar to Siem Reap, Cambodia
Cambodia to Phuket, Thailand
Phuket to Chiang Mai, Thailand (for Christmas and New Years)
Thailand to Australia
Australia to New Zealand
New Zealand to Toronto

trip route